Bristol Shag Fiesta 2019

2nd-4th August 2019

Bristol Shag Fiesta – the UK’s only pure Collegiate Shag dance exchange, founded in 2016! The Collegiate Shag Bristol community welcomes you to a weekend of fast music, joy and hospitality Bristol style – dance to red-hot live bands by night and explore our beautiful city by day.

Latest announcements for this year’s festivities can be found one our facebook event page.

Photo by Cheeky Rastall Photography


Ever wondered where our Fiesta logo image is from?

It was inspired by Banksy’s “The Mild Mild West” street art piece from 1999, still up on the wall by Hamilton House in Stokes Croft… The original represents the spirit of the people of Bristol against the system, in the wake of riots against vigorous attempts of the authorities to clamp down on illegal nightclubs and rave parties in the 90s. The piece kept its topicality over more recent riots in the same street in 2012, when riots gripped the whole of the UK, and more specifically when Tesco wanted to open yet another supermarket in the vicinity, despite residents’ opposition and a petition being signed. Bristolians are friendly, open, cuddly and like a good party… Unless they or their free will is threatened – then they know how to defend themselves… This is why the teddy bear in the original piece has a molotov cocktail in his hand!
Our artist Tina/Winged Fox decided to loosen up the stern police riot crushers and let them all have a little shag ^_^